The diary of the artist

The hidden colour
During one of my art's workshops with children I asked them to observe a tree that looked out of the window. After a few moments I asked them to describe the colours. It was springtime and the day was full of sunshine, so excited children began to list the colours of the tree: “light green...”said a child, “dark green...” said another, “yellow, brown ...”and so on. After they had expressed their observations I said: -”There is a particular colour that you have not yet seen.”and they looked at me silently trying to understand what it was, then I said: -”It's the hidden colour, which is visible only to the sensitive artist, it's the SILVER. The children were surprised and still could not understand where the silver was on the tree that they had observed carefully describing all the colours. -”The silver is the colour of the light” I said to them. -”look the leaves, are green and bright, vibrant in the sunshine and seem to dance with the wind to the music.” At that moment the room was playing soft music which, with the fragrance of incense, had created THE MAGIC OF THE MOMENT. The children then looked out the window to see the dance of the tree and so they saw the silver colour. It was the spring of the 2003 and that was my first day of Art class in the primary school of Casalguidi, a small country town in Tuscany. The word SILVER was the keyword for the introduction of the course that led the children towards the path of THE MAGIC OF THE MOMENT. Remember, technique is important but is the magic that makes the observer a true artist. The following lessons were all exciting, the children played a work full of Art and Poetry,always accompanied by the sweet notes of music and colours of nature, which then gave an amazing result where they could experience their Art potentiality. Many years have passed since then, but every time I stop to observe a tree dancing in the wind and in the sunshine I still see those children on that day, with the wonder in their eyes seeing the SILVER colour, then they turned and looked at me smiling so I realised that the magic of the moment is invisible to the eye but not the heart.

Sand Art it's an amazing concept of the temporary life...waiting for the wave to take it back on its own place.

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